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Titan Watches took birth under the joint venture of Tata Industries and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) in 1984. Today after 30 years of steady impetus, the mighty TITAN COMPANY is the world's fifth largest independent watch manufacturer.

The headquarter is situated in Bangalore, India.  The main manufacturing unit is at Hosur in Tamil Nadu with assembly units in Dehradun, Pantnagar and Roorkee and an electronic sub assembly plant in Goa.

The total yearly revenue of Titan company is estimated to be always above 15 million rupees. Titan stakes also claim to 60% of the organized watch market, with over 150 million pieces sold across 32 countries collectively every year.

 “We create elevating experiences for the people we touch and significantly impact the world we work in” is the secret vigor behind its pinnacle of achievements. Titan company aspires to be the most desirable lifestyle company of the world.

Titan Company had a brief joint venture with the American brand, Timex, between 1992 and 1998 which focused on the market mass and eventually prospered.

Titan reclaimed market share after separating, by launching elegant designer watch brands in its own firm:

1. The Titan collection which is designed for the sub-premium segment

2. Fastrack watches launched in 2003 designed for the trendy youth

3. Sonata, an absolute class collection which emerged as india's largest selling watch brand

4. Xylys which is fashioned for the premium market, which aims at the aficionados.

Notable and most-sold watches among them are: Titan Edge, Titan Raga, Nebula and several other collections like Zoop, Orion, Purple, Obaku, Automatic, Tycoon, Bandhan, Octane and the HTSE series.

Very recently, Titan Industries'  launched a new technological marvel — HTSE (high-tech self-energised) bringing alive the concept of a watch being a completely self-sufficient unit, to the point of energising itself. HTSE watches can be charged by any light upward of 200 lux. It is stupefying but true that even the candlelight can charge it. HTSE draws its design inspiration from the most complex self-energising bodies built by mankind — space stations, satellites and spaceships. These watches are targeted at the tech-savvy, young urban male and the make is truly an epitome of style and technology.Some of the technological features of this collection are "sleep mode" which increases the shelf life of the battery, "end of life" which indicates that the battery needs a recharge, “overcharge prevention” — prevents overcharging of the battery — and “TSWF” — time set warning function. Even with its unmatched geometric-case contours, anthracite colours and saucer-shaped perforated dials, the HTSE collection is priced in the range of Rs6,495 – Rs10,995, this collection has 10 styles and is currently launched only in the top 12 cities of India.

Titan believes that making good watches is important, but making good-looking watches and continuously innovating is also important.

Not only in watches, but the Titan company also accelerated its progress in other sectors like:

1. Jewellery : In 1993, Titan ventured into jewellery and with a brand launch ‘Tanishq’ in 1996 showcasing exquisite jewellery, Titan became a statement of luxury.

2. Precision Engineering: Launched in 2005

3. Goldplus: launched as the  standardized mass marketing of jewellery in 2006

4. Titan Eyewear: launched in 2007  as a project of prescription eyewear

Awards & Accolades

Over the years Titan watches has received several prestigious awards and distinctions. Some of the recent and most noteworthy recognition's are: 

• CII award for Excellence in Energy management for the Watch Manufacturing Division, Hosur  

• Sonata received recognition at the ABP Pitch Brands 50 Awards 2013

• Fastrack is placed 4th and Titan is placed 16th in the list of most exciting brands in India in the survey conducted by A C Nielsen and the Economic Times (Brand Equity)

• Silver Effie award for an effective 360 degree campaign for Titan HTSE 

The Company has also been rated No.1 in Retail category and 24th overall by Great Places to Work (2009).


Why Titan watches are popular across the world:

1. Total customer orientation 

2. Employee appreciation

3. Performance culture and teamwork

4. Creativity and Innovation

5. Passion for excellence

6. Corporate Citizenship

7. Continuous growth expansion

With a strong aesthetics of 'people first', Titan Company recognizes the strength and contribution of people and their employees in the company's success and growth. Hence, the work-culture at Titan Company encourages the employees to learn, innovate, experiment and grow.

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